Stateside Bucket List

Crater Lake, OR 

Bend, OR

White Sands, NM

Maroon Bells, CO

Moab, UT

Arches National Park, UT 

Zion National Park, UT 

Roanoke, VA

Florida Keys, FL


If you're planning an epic elopement or intimate wedding at one of these locations above, you can definitely expect to get a killer discount! 

Sedona, AZ 

Grand Canyon, AZ 

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Redwood National Park, CA

Cape Disappointment, WA 

La Push, WA

Hawaii (anywhere!) 

Cape Cod, MA

Glacier National Park, MT 

Niagara Falls, NY 


International Bucket List

So here's the deal...

Any excuse to venture out of the US and do what I love... I'm here for it. I know how expensive planning a wedding can be, especially if you are doing it in a different country!  My goal is to ease some of that financial stress and make it possible to have the wedding of your dreams! Soooo an even bigger discount for any and all international destinations!